Friday, February 26, 2010

Sophia's Birthday Jacket & Cap e-book

After failing miserably at my "post at least once a week" idea, I am back to update that I have not in fact dropped off the face of the earth, had the baby, or otherwise undergone any major life-changing circumstance. We have been insanely busy with pre-school tours, pattern writing & testing, knitting, studying computer tutorials, etc, etc... I am frantically trying to get my pattern "templates" and schematic and chart making well in hand before the baby is born because I have several ideas (some have even been submitted to various publications...) that I will not be able to devote much time to in a few weeks. I have thankfully found some lovely and wonderful testknitters who I can call on for sample knitting should that become necessary. I am in shock at how fast all this "designing" business is coming along, the stumbling blocks for me thus far are actually getting my hands on yarn (the delays in getting shipments after requesting yarn support are extremely frustrating to me as I like to focus on 1-2 projects primarily at a time, rather than drafting a proposal, figuring out the rough gist of the pattern, etc, and then getting to finally knit/test it weeks later...) and learning new computer skills.

Speaking of new computer skills, I recently became the very (very) happy new owner of a macintosh computer for the first time in my life. (Die hard pc user here...) May I just say, I luuuuuurrrrve it? Every day I smile as I walk past my desk in the dining room to gaze at it briefly before making the kids breakfast and checking email. :-)  I purchased iWork '09 at the same time as the computer and it has made my life so much easier regarding desktop publishing I can hardly say enough. (and the price tag is about 1/6th of the InDesign package I was looking at, just saying...) I am planning on buying Illustrator soon, and perhaps InDesign later. Adobe has a 30 day trial for various of their programs which I plan on taking advantage of to learn/try out Illustrator in the next few days, but I want to get a reference book from amazon in my hot little hands before actually beginning the trial. So excited!

With the help of my fantastic new machine I was able to put together an e-book the is available for download through ravelry right now! It is a compilation of a couple of patterns that will be published (eventually) at knitpicks as separate downloads and includes a bit of "extra's" in the way of photos, etc, to compensate for the slightly higher fee (which I have to do to cover other associated fees with being available in this manner). I present to you,  Sophia's Birthday Jacket & Cap e-book!