Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lovely Sundays... and a recipe.

I am a knitter, but I am also a pretty serious cook (I won't say chef because I am primarily interested in traditional home cooking, not so much haute cuisine) and very concerned/interested in nutrition. I won't bore you here with all my experiments in the kitchen, but tonight's bore mentioning.

Schmaltzy Garlicky Dill Mayonnaise
1) Collect grease from 2 chicken's worth of stock and deposit into a bottle with a drip spout (like the refillable ketchup and mustard squirt bottles, or, in my case, one of the unused dye bottles with all the yarn stuff in the garage, see! I brought it back to wool, totally reasonable to write about mayonnaise in my knitting blog if it relates somehow...)
2)set aside acid of your choice (I like a combo of lemon juice and rice wine vinegar), salt, dill, and 2-3 cloves of garlic
3)separate 3 yolks (preferably from your backyard flock, but if you don't have chickens just get the freshest best quality eggs possible) into a metal bowl and begin whisking.

4)Drip tiny amounts of the schmaltz into the egg yolks and make sure everything is completely beaten up and combined before adding more.

Continue step 4 until the burn in your upper arm reminds you that you are really cut out for knitting and not this. Eventually (about half way through the fat) give up and dump the whole thing in a blender, turn it on and continue dripping the fat in with the motor running. until you run out. Add the garlic, salt, dill and acid to taste. (I like mayo quite acidic)

Drape lovingly over grilled or poached salmon (which is in season and quite affordable right now in the Great Northwest!) and dig in just in time for Poirot on pbs. A meal worthy of the great detective, I think.


GhengisPrime said...

Is there actually *fish* under there somewhere? Looks awesome.

bek mylastname said...

Only a little, wouldn't want to outshine the sauce y'know... ;-)