Friday, July 23, 2010

Eventful Mail Day

Was greeted by a returned signed contract (woot!) as well as my official business license (whatever that's worth...) and a bizarre bridal shower invite (using my maiden name) forwarded from an address I have not lived at in 10 years (what?) from/for someone I cannot recall ever knowing. Also a netflix, so yey! None of these are as exciting as getting yarn in the mail, but I will take what I can get.  ;-)

In other news, I have not been knitting much due to mr. teething nursing fussypants, but I have been one-handedly working at the computer and started "tweeting" (you may see the feed to the side of this blog) and, drumroll please, I think I have the website almost sorted!! It's pretty basic, but there will be photos of my designs and links to where they can be purchased/downloaded/ordered and I may move the blog over, but I am not sure how/if that is going to work.

ooooh, ooooooh, and I am poking around  at MagCloud to set up hardcopy versions of some patterns, and did you know they can do perfect binding now! Like for books and compilations! My mind is going a mile a minute, too bad my hands can't keep up...

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