Monday, July 26, 2010

Web Site is UP! Check it out! Let me know if there is anything that needs to be fixed, ideas, recommendations, etc. I am still working on it, there will be more tutorials added (non video, like the magic cast on for the christmas stockings) and hopefully a way to check out from the site so you don't have to get sent all over the place for different patterns.

Yey! Oh, and I must add, fatcow is completely fantastic with hard to believe good customer service. woot.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Eventful Mail Day

Was greeted by a returned signed contract (woot!) as well as my official business license (whatever that's worth...) and a bizarre bridal shower invite (using my maiden name) forwarded from an address I have not lived at in 10 years (what?) from/for someone I cannot recall ever knowing. Also a netflix, so yey! None of these are as exciting as getting yarn in the mail, but I will take what I can get.  ;-)

In other news, I have not been knitting much due to mr. teething nursing fussypants, but I have been one-handedly working at the computer and started "tweeting" (you may see the feed to the side of this blog) and, drumroll please, I think I have the website almost sorted!! It's pretty basic, but there will be photos of my designs and links to where they can be purchased/downloaded/ordered and I may move the blog over, but I am not sure how/if that is going to work.

ooooh, ooooooh, and I am poking around  at MagCloud to set up hardcopy versions of some patterns, and did you know they can do perfect binding now! Like for books and compilations! My mind is going a mile a minute, too bad my hands can't keep up...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cable is out!

And I find it weirdly liberating! Going to spend the evening knitting (hopefully!) and maybe do a little computer work, but no Internet consuming! Have Ladies #1 detective agency series 1 on DVD as well. Hope you have as pleasant a night as I intend to.
End phone post. Unplugging!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Contract sent!

Contract read, signed, and sent back to publisher! I am quite pleased with how quickly this process has gone so far. I was staring to get pretty jaded about publishers and I am slightly less negative now. This is a big project with lots of designers so it will be interesting to see how everything turns out. I hope it does not overwhelm the small publisher who is organizing everything.

I've been working feverishly to complete the charts for the ladybug sweater. I had...difficulty, yes, that's a good description, making my explanations clarify how to use the charts within the pattern, and I had to add some design elements for the larger sizes when it was brought to my attention that they were a bit blank... I need to see some test-knit size 8 & 10 sweaters to see if that was a good idea, but I think it is an improvement.

The "boy" has been teething up a storm and drooling enough to saturate multiple layers of his (and my) clothing, so not too much actual knitting happening. It is so frustrating to have work all set out in front of me and not be able to do anything about it! I was only able to get the big chunk of computer work done Friday night by staying up ridiculously late. How do people work at home with small kids? Every time I sit down to either knit or work at the computer I have to consider if it is actually more important than attending to the needs of one of the kids, or preparing food for all of us, or even just using the time to sit with the kids and read to them or otherwise give them relaxed attention that is not cramped by the usual time constraints of "we have to do X, so I only have 5 minutes to read to you", or "Ben is screaming so I can't pay attention, etc..." and I wonder if any of it (my "work") is really worth it/important enough to ever take precedence over spending time playing with the kids or otherwise doing more worthwhile things. How do you prioritize? I mean, it's easy for me to say, ok, laundry and cleaning come last, they get done when there is no other option, but when the girls already get less attention b/c I am focusing on Ben, how can I tell them I need to knit instead of chasing them around the yard? (I can't, am being rhetorical here) And that's how you end up with a frustrated knitter who gets no work done!

ok. we are going blueberry picking this morning. Maybe knitting this afternoon?

Friday, July 16, 2010


Adendum to the business license story;
Knitpicks was subsequently contacted by WA state and told that in fact some sort of mistake had been made and all IDP designers do NOT have to have licenses.
My confidence in gov't is restored.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do you know what is unpleasant?

Waking up to find an email from your biggest design distributor (KnitPicks) telling you that Washington State has decided to get on their case about every single Washingtonian who sells even one pattern or knits one sample for them. Yesserree, I had to apply for a business license this morning and while it ended up not being quite as horrible an experience as I anticipated, it still rubs me the wrong way. When I actually approach breaking even, or possibly (hope?) to make enough income to bother with taxes, then I would anticipate having to get all official with The Government. Until that time (and preferably after as well) leave me the hell alone you friggen bureaucrats who never held real job or ran a business in you lives. You can take my (husband's) $20 and shove it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Orient Express!

I just have to post this historic event. I am about to go knit while watching David Suchet in the Orient Express. Holy shit. Can you think of a better knitting foil? Maybe Buffy. But only maybe. And of course a few special Ms. Marple and Rosemary & Thyme episodes. But really. David Suchet.

Please let the teething monster sleep for a couple of hours?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blueberries and Ladybugs...

Finished knitting the Armenian Knit Ladybug sweater, though the charts have been a bit of a struggle. I think I may have to resort to a separate chart for each size, which sucks, quite a lot. Other than that, the pattern seems done, just a couple changes have come up during the test knit, but of course that is on hold until the chart situation is resolved, sigh.

The corrugated ribbing didn't cinch in the way I would like so I ran a thread of elastic through the bottom round and tied it off. Perfect! I think small children's sweaters are most comfy with a snug lower edge and a roomy collar and sleeves. (at least, for my gigantic head-ed offspring!)

We decided to go blueberry picking to celebrate, and though Maggie wanted very much to wear her new sweater I put my foot down, the poor kid had already modeled it in the backyard in 90 degree heat. She got to wear her Buzz Lightyear shirt instead and I think that more than made up for it.  ;-)