Saturday, June 26, 2010

mini market bag

Since we have been frequenting the farmer's market this year, the girls have been bickering over who got to carry the miniature market bag that I knit a couple of years ago. Time to whip up another one! So I dug around in my gargantuan plastic bin of yarn and found the only non-wool to be found, which happened to be "cotlin" from knitpicks. This stuff was buried pretty deep, and one of the colors has been discontinued (replaced with a similar green), but I think it is a useful and fun little item to knit up so I am writing the pattern up and putting it on ravelry.

The design is very basic, no seams, just knit sts, k2tog, and yarn overs. The pdf is all set to go, if you are interested in testing it let me know!

The ladybug sweater has been set back by the business trip J had to take this week. I did not get much done last weekend, and the rest of the week wasn't much better, but at least the sweater is done now, and I can (fingers crossed) get the pdf ready to go now. I have testers already lined up for this one thank goodness!

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