Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life is a bowl of....

Rainier cherries? Why yes! We went to the farmer's market today after a nice Father's Day breakfast at the local diner. I almost didn't take the camera because the girls were being pretty whiny and difficult, but James insisted and got them into the stroller so I could relax and walk around just wearing Ben and shooting photos to my heart's content.

As expected I did still have some of the anxiety that I talked about before, but it was much less and I am wondering if part of it is general stress/anxiety that I feel constantly when out and about with the kids. I don't really notice that I am feeling anxious or whatever just b/c I have the kids at some event or location, but I think the general, below awareness level of "ok, keeping an eye on Maggie, oh wait, gotta call Sophia back from running too far ahead, uh oh, is Ben getting fussy, oh Maggie, hold my hand, I know you tripped lets get a band-aid at home, gah Sophie, watch where you are going! Don't mess with that...." that is running through my head seems to keep me from really relaxing and focusing (hah!) on other things.

We saw lots of gorgeous produce, but only bought a few things because I DO NOT plan on doing much cooking this week. James is going to San Francisco for a work trip and it is going to be hard enough keeping us all fed and clothed (in non-squalid clothing) and diapered and take care of the dogs and chickens, etc, etc. Oh yeah, also have that new pattern that will (if I can finish what I need to do tonight) be being tested and worked on. SO. We picked out 1 pound of Bing cherries that will mostly be eaten today,
a small bunch of Kholrabi to go with James Father's Day dinner (ribs slow-cooked in the oven all day with dry rub, then grilled with a light coating of sauce late this afternoon) and

Garlic Scapes that I will very quickly saute in good olive oil left from MIL visit last month.
 Oh! And some leafy stuff for eating with the above mentioned olive oil, lemon juice, and we'll see what else. (leftover asparagus?)
We also got some Snap Peas,

and Gala apples (it was a local stand, how is that possible this early?) for snacking.

Well, I better get working on those charts before grilling time is upon us! Will try for more knitting pictures next time.

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