Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Digital publishing part 2

So I got an email today with a comment on my previous digital publishing post from Shannon Okey herself! Anyway, after I got over the momentary adrenaline rush and stopped grinning and wondering if it was a bad idea to call J at work to shriek at him that a famous knitter commented on my blog, I started thinking again about this whole mess.

Shannon made the point that it was simply too time consuming to make every pattern and book into an app, and I have to say that at this point I agree. I had high hopes for the adobe app packager that would allow for graphical design that would just "work" on apple devices. Fantastic for people like me who have no hope of figuring out how to write pages and pages of code, but it seems "Darth Jobs" (my husband is not a fan of the Apple "ecosystem" and how closed it is) has quashed that and will no longer support apps coded in using the adobe packager.

So there go my great hopes of a new paradigm for "Craft Publishing"! I had this vision of really small indy publishers (graphic designers) who specialized in various craft genres and would take on patterns, tutorials, cookbooks, etc, and put the info provided by the knitter/chef/crafter into a glossy app package taking say, 20% royalties and possibly a fee for the work depending on how many moving parts were involved, etc.

At any rate, I will keep chugging along learning as much as I can about digital publishing options, pod publishing, polishing my computer skills as much as possible, and get on with actually writing more patterns and getting designs out there. 

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