Wednesday, May 5, 2010

unionizing? guild-ing?

Apparently other people do feel outraged at the treatment of designers by various publishers! Annie Modesitt posted this last year, and it exemplifies my outrage and disgust pretty well. So what do we do? I would love love love to join a cadre of designers and knitters who boycott publishers until they grasp "market influence" but so far am not finding anything organized, and in fact, in forum discussion with other designers find that many of them are still submitting and accepting unsavory treatment for the usual "exposure" theory. I for one will not put up with it. I can only hope that enough other people feel the same way that it makes an impact. (I feel perhaps that it has in a way, since even before I began designing I noticed a marked decline in the quality of patterns coming from the "big magazines" in general and did not update subscriptions because of it.) I won't be submitting to soho publications for sure, and I think even IK is out even though they did come to a rational compromise about online sales simply because of the unreasonable (non) communication I am told to expect.

On the plus side, just yesterday I found out about stitch cooperative putting out a call for designs for ten new books! First, how cool to be a part of stitch cooperative and work with Shannon Okey, etc, but second, the compensation promises to be much more equitable than any other venue I am aware of. (other than perhaps self publishing by oneself) I really really really want to be part of these projects, and have several ideas to send over as proposals, but of course baby Ben's reflux seems to have hit hard in the last couple of days, and I am really doubting my ability to focus and even knit swatches, much less grade children's sweaters, etc. I am finding this intensely frustrating and a bit depressing. I have all these ideas I want to "work out" with my hands, and I just CAN'T do it. (Add to this the fact that even if I calm Ben enough to just nurse while I read at the computer or type one handed, Maggie takes advantage of my being pinned down and reluctance to disturb the baby to seek out and destroy all kinds of interesting objects, like my favorite lip butter, the snow leopard upgrade disk, the guest bathroom toilet, my bin of knitting accessories, and more. did I mention those were all in 24 hrs? she is being exceptionally "2".) Anyway, I may try to get some proposals in to Shannon if it doesn't become too overwhelmingly like the cold war with the kids, but things look bleak. If anyone else is interested here is a link to the submission info for cooperative press.

Please excuse me while I go chase the kids....

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