Sunday, January 17, 2010


This evening as I sketched out schematics for the in progress design I was told ever so clearly that even in utero, this newest progeny will not put up with mommy doing something interesting and rewarding that does not directly and immediately involve them. Why yes, they will fit in very well with their siblings apparently. As I ever so carefully inked over a pencil sketch with a felt tip (and very permanent) marker, I received a jab to the elbow from below my ribs strong enough to, oh, I don't know, spill a bit of coffee, or, perhaps, make a skewed inky line go exactly where it was not supposed to. little jerk(ette).

I am going to spend tomorrow looking through stored boxes for that wacom tablet I never learned to use. And, I guess, learn to use it. sigh.

Also, I have found that my netbook will definitively not work for pattern layout, or anything much at all other than web browsing. It seems to choke up when I even ask it to open a pretty lightweight (graphically) pdf, much less edit said document in open office. I have been hijacking hubster's computer for doing the real work of pattern layout, and having information or even notes, etc, on my own computer has been a huge hassle to get back and forth. (sharing not working so well between linux and windows...) So, I think the plan is to save any knitting revenue I may generate toward some sort of knitting specific work tools. It's a littl exciting to have a specific goal to work towards actually, but still quite frustrating in the meantime to have to cobble everything together as I am.

More on schematics soon... probably.

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