Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Color Cards!

Finally, the color card (and a few other goodies I ordered before New Year's) for the wool that I am designing with has arrived! I need to decide if I am going to stick to my original colorway (or as close to it as possible with the changes in colors/availability) or go in another direction. I have 2 other ideas that would be very attractive (I think!) but I love the original so much that I suspect I will stick with it. I think I will ask for small amounts of wool in the second color way though so I can knit up a sample portion and include photos of it for people to see another option.

While contemplating all these wools and gazing at the knitted swatches it occured to me that I really (really, really) need to work on my photography. As it stands I am not really able to do justice to the wools or knitting that I need to include images of in my patterns. I think it would be particularly nice to use a long tall photograph of some of the swatches for this design along the edges of the pattern writeup, though I don't know how I would set that up yet. hm.

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