Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All Hail the Tech Editor!

Can I just say tech editors are the greatest? I honestly thought "whats the big deal?" I know my numbers are right, etc, etc.... And then we started the test knit, and rewriting the pattern (no numbers errors, I was right about that, but to make the thing more readable, clarity in instructions and so forth which led to some number "reinterpretation" and general headache) and I got pretty lost to be honest. Being able to just shoot and email off to someone with a cry for help and get back corrections and clearly explained details is a huge revelation. I have an entirely new vision of how the design process can work now, and it's quite a relief! I don't think I even realized how stressful it was to work everything out myself and re-check and re-check it without anyone to rely on. Woot!

Also, this experience has led me to conclude that I don't enjoy editing, and if at all possible I will be happy to submit designs to publications that will take care of this stuff for me. Now that would be amazing! I do think this will get easier as I get (and learn to use) the proper tools and get routine and some checklists worked out, but I expect to remain in awe of someone else to help me edit and prefect the finished design for a long time.

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