Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Insouciant Christmas Stockings

I've been knitting away in preparation for Christmas, and with Cat Bordhi's new footprint technique fresh in my mind I found myself churning out these stockings. I actually have had them ready for a few days now (This year for a change I managed to not be knitting on deadline until the wee hours of Christmas morning?!) but have been having an absolute nightmare of a time getting the written words and photos to come together in a technologically manageable way. ugh.

I feel absolutely crippled by how fast technology has passed me by. It has been a few short years that I have been more absorbed by mommy-ing than keeping up with computers, and I can barely put together a simple document. In anycase, I finished the "document" in what I thought was a satisfactory resolution this evening, but cannot seem to get it into pdf format without wrecking some formatting and cutting photos into bits, so for now this will just have to do. I apologise for the mess.

If you have any suggestions for me regarding programs or tools that I should learn to use for lay out and writing down my designs please let me know! ;-)


download now (Many thanks to Mizzle from the Netherlands!)