Saturday, November 21, 2009

halfway there...

I am having to learn patience and acceptance as my children and dogs and life in general interferes with my knitting. The past year has been "educational" for me to say the least!

I've been working with plain brown fisherman's wool (can't beat the price, and some variety with bits of colorful wool of the andes helps brighten things up for sure!) which is pretty much my go to cheap and cheerful wool for everyday. I found as I made the first series of short row turns that if I continued picking up every wrapped stitch I would end up with a square sort of top of the cap, so I am leaving a certain percent of them (I like working with percentages!) as I work my way around. The very top of the cap may end up a teeny bit pointy with this shaping, but I'll have to wait and see b/c right now things are a wee bit amorphous.

We somehow ended up with a stray dog attaching himself to us at the playground last weekend and have been overwhelmed with trying to find him a home and then getting him some vet attention, and THEN finding out that (probably) he had been hit by a car "some time ago" and had his hip out of the socket, and would probably need surgery to repair it. We hoped that just getting the hip re-located in the socket and keeping his leg in a sling for a week or so would do the trick (keeping a couple of adoring toddlers off of their new "baby" while keeping him medicated and rested and fed is not a stress free endeavor, let me tell you!) but it seems not to have worked. Calling around and emailing rescues, etc, (etc=new food regimes, stomach upset cleanups, keeping two excited "big brother" Labradors from rough play, finding cash for x-rays and procedures, and figuring out where we will dig up over a thousand dollars to pay for this surgery as it looks like nobody else will take over the responsibility) has taken up almost every moment of the last week, but I have gotten about halfway through what seems to be an acceptably shaped cap.

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