Saturday, November 14, 2009

baby pilot cap....

Many months ago I became slightly obsessed with the idea of a seamless baby cap with shaping around the face like those adorable sewn pilot caps from a certain children's clothing catalog. I think I began subconsciously stewing over this after watching (several hundred times)the "Baby Surprise Jacket" dvd from Schoolhouse Press and knitting said BSJ and a couple of Ribwarmer vests which use wonderful short row shaping and folding to sort of origami into the finished object.

I started knitting, and knitting, and re-knitting, because I just could not visualize or sketch how it needed to come together, but somehow I just KNEW it could be done, and I needed to keep fiddling with it until something magically came together. Not the most efficient design process I grant you, but things began to take shape after a couple of months and I knit a (weirdly oversize) completely seamless garter stitch cap that did indeed frame the face with a neat little peak, but it just was not as elegant as I had hoped for. I set the project aside for a bit.

Several weeks ago I came across some pictures of Sidna Farely's "Peaked Baby Cap" and realized that a greater knitter than I had accomplished my mission before I had ever conceived of it. Theoretically. I hear it is seamless with a single elegant graft bringing the cap together in all it's shapely garter stitch glory. The pattern is, however, unavailable according the the shop that has distributed the pattern for years since Sidna's after death they cannot find any next of kin and therefore have no way of paying the profits of the pattern to whomever they belong to at this point.

I was given a brief description of a basic shape by someone who thought they had knit this cap at some point, but having knit this "recipe" up a few times I am quite sure it is not Sidna's design. A) it is not seamless, and B) certain of the shaping elements are quite different from pictures I have seen of the original pattern. This gracious knitter who tried to help me did however set me off in a new direction and I think I may be able to work out a garter stitch, short row shaped, seamless, elegant little pilot cap after all. I will keep posting with my progress...

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